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Powerful user-generated campaigns.

Put your social marketing campaigns on overdrive.

Virtual Booth is a powerful new marketing tool that engages audiences in a fun and familiar way. Create branded photo booth activations in record time, with no app for you to develop and no app for users to download. Our browser-based platform eliminates all hurdles to participation, which means more user engagement. Drive audience engagement even further by integrating a giveaway into the virtual photo booth experience!

Virtual photo booths to

Run an exclusive campaign for just a few days, or keep an ongoing campaign live for up to one month. Our tiered plans provide you the flexibility to weave the Virtual Booth into your existing campaigns or create exciting new custom experiences. At the end of your campaign you’ll have access to in-depth analytics and the full library of user-generated content, along with an email database of new leads.

Amplify your message.

Build buzz around a product or service through a fun & familiar experience. Include a giveaway to boost engagement even further!

Collect branded content.

Automatically collect the library of user-generated social content in one central location. No more hunting for hashtags!

Capture lead data.

Email capture is built right in. Perform detailed market polling with custom surveys.

In-depth analytics.

See detailed audience breakdowns, which social channels were most shared, and other key insights after the campaign wraps.

Play the long game.

A typical in-person marketing event only lasts one day. Your virtual booth can be live for up to one month!

Tiered for easy usage.

Plans for short campaigns with low volume to long campaigns with high volume, and everything in between.

Take your digital marketing campaigns to the

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