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Grassroots Campaigns

Digital advocacy made easy.

How do you connect with your distributed base?

Campaigning is hard, and spreading the word just got a lot harder. How do you connect with your community when you can’t even be in the same room together? How do you amplify your message beyond the virtual town hall or virtual campaign stop in a cohesive way? While social media can link us together, each participant is left to generate attention-grabbing, policy-focused content on their own. What was that hashtag again? Should this go on Twitter or Instagram? There are far too many hurdles in the way of today’s digital advocates that want to do good.

Give them a tool to promote change in a

The photo booth has been liberated of its physical boundaries, and with it comes an exciting new way to digitally participate. Bridge the virtual gap to your grassroots community through the fun and familiar experience of a photo booth, right on their own device. It’s as simple as visiting a webpage.

Connect with your community.

Build awareness and support around key policy issues and core values, engaging with advocates in a familiar and fun way.

Expand your reach.

Capture participant emails for future communications efforts. Poll your community with in-depth custom surveys.

Amplify your message.

Communicate directly with a distributed, engaged audience. With social sharing built in, your advocates amplify your message even further.

Empower your advocates.

Give your community the tools and the messaging they need, right in the palm of their hands. No app to download, simply visit the custom URL.

Build a consistent, unified voice.

Assemble a library of visually consistent social content with pre-determined overlay options and embedded hashtags. Use it internally to collect and share team progress.

Play the long game.

A typical in-person event only lasts one night. Your virtual booth campaign can be live for up to one month, bringing you more engagement and returns.

Convert your distributed community into

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