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Virtual Events

Capturing real moments at virtual gatherings.

Engage with your attendees in a fun and familiar way.

Virtual events are here to stay, moving beyond a temporary solution to a vital compliment to in-person events. From remote tradeshows to corporate town halls, there are some amazing experiences being created to reach a distributed network of attendees.  While these platforms can be great, they’re often one-directional — mostly a passive experience for the attendee who is left to click a webinar link and maybe get a question in during the overcrowded Zoom Q&A portion. How do you make sure your attendees feel included and valued in the event experience? How do you create space for real moments to unfold at a virtual event? And how do you create social buzz around your virtual event to attract the next wave of attendees?

Virtual photo booths

Whether you’re hosting a completely virtual event or a hybrid event, our Virtual Booth is a great way to engage with your community of attendees. Our tiered plans provide you the flexibility to weave the Virtual Booth into your event in numerous ways. Have it active the week before your event to build excitement, run it as the pop-out activity between webinars, and have it active the month after the show to gather attendee feedback and check-ins. At the end of your campaign you’ll have access to in-depth analytics and the full library of user-generated content, along with an email database to supplement your attendee database.

Foster your community.

Create an engaging, interactive space for every attendee to be in on the action.

Expand your presence.

Use the Virtual Booth as an icebreaker the week before doors open, as a communal activity while the event is live, and after wrap as a way to stay connected.

Amplify your message.

Communicate directly with your distributed audience. With social sharing built in, your attendees amplify your message even further.

Collect marketing content.

Collect a central library of attendee-generated, branded content to showcase your attendance and promote your next event.

In-depth analytics.

Get key audience insights like demographic breakdown, which social channels were most active, peak usage times, and more!

Tiered for easy usage.

Plans for one-day events with low volume to multi-week events with high volume, and anything in between.

Give your attendees a voice (and a face) with a

Ready for takeoff?

Let's ride.

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