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Wedding virtual Photo Booth

Celebrate with all your online guests.

How do you create a fun, interactive experience for all your friends and loved ones that can’t be with you in person?

Planning an incredible wedding these days can be challenging, and trying to include everyone in a meaningful way can seem really hard. How do you include everyone in the celebration if they can’t even be in the room with you? Sure, they can catch the livestream of the ceremony, but this interaction is too brief and one-sided. So how can we bring the party directly to them, wherever they are?

A virtual photo booth is !

The photo booth has been liberated of its physical boundaries, and with it comes an exciting new way to spread the celebration beyond the room. Bridge the virtual gap to your wedding guests through the fun and familiar experience of a photo booth, right on their own device. It’s as simple as visiting a webpage!

You may not have the crew of The Office to call on, but you do have us.

Collect instant memories.

All photos are saved to a central gallery for you to download. No more hunting down hashtags and saving by hand!

Personalized to your day.

Match your photo overlays, theme, and hashtags to your wedding day.

Include everyone, easy as pie.

There’s no app to download — guests simply visit your wedding’s unique URL. So easy even grandma will join in!

Active all day.

Guests have plenty (of time) to celebrate! Your virtual photo booth is active for your entire wedding day.

We'll get the word out.

Provide us with your email guest list and we'll notify everyone of the booth opening and closing, plus include some fun posing tips.

Prints to cherish forever.

After your wedding you'll receive a full set of prints delivered right to your door.

Celebrate with your guests !

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