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Virtual Booth

A distributed photo booth experience.

Connect and engage with your distributed audience.

We’ve taken the photo booth experience online and with it comes an exciting, yet familiar, way to connect and engage with your distributed audience. This browser-based, virtual photo booth experience is helping establish community, build excitement, and stay connected like never before.

Create an interactive platform for guests of a virtual conference to be an engaged part of the community. Create a marketing campaign to collect user-generated content with branding and hashtags built right in. Celebrate with all of your virtual wedding guests no matter where in the world they are. Give your digital advocates a unified voice to speak with online. All is possible with our Virtual Booth platform!

Fully Branded

Create an immersive experience with custom microsite, overlays, and email messaging. Connect with your audience in your own voice!

No App Required

Virtual Booth is browser-based, which means there's no app to download! Guests can access from their phone, tablet, or computer.

In-Depth Analytics

Access meaningful metrics like social share breakdowns, audience composition, and peak engagement times.

Powerful Upgrades

Enable AI background removal for branded or themed backgrounds, drive engagement with giveaways, and gather key insight with custom surveys.

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